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Viking has provided aircraft support services for almost 50 years, and now owns the original type certificates for the CL-215, CL-215T, CL-415 and CL-415EAF, purchased from Bombardier. These iconic Canadian amphibious aircraft have been providing firefighting support worldwide since 1969. Viking also owns the type certificates for the De Havilland DHC 1 through DHC 7 series and manufactures the successful Viking Twin Otter Series 400.
CL-215 aircraft
Aerial Firefighter
Originally conceived as a twin-engine transport floatplane, the CL-215 first flew in 1967. The CL-215 aerial firefighter was designed to operate at low speeds and in gusty conditions, perfect for fighting fires.
​CL-415EAF aircraft
Enhanced Aerial Firefighter
Originally conceived as a next generation development of the piston powered CL-215 aircraft, and the turboprop conversion CL-215T, the CL-415EAF is instead becoming the basis for a potential next generation CL-415. Today, Viking offers newly converted CL-415EAF aircraft under an operating lease program from Longview Aviation.
CL-415 aircraft
Aerial Firefighter
First flown in 1993, the CL-415 aerial firefighter built on the success of the CL-215T. With avionics updates, increased operating weight and a higher capacity, foam injection 4-door firefighting system, the CL-415 is a worthy successor.
CL-415MP aircraft
The CL-415MP (multi-purpose) is a special variant of the CL-415. It can be equipped with a state-of-the-art surveillance and/or search and rescue suite. With its extraordinary maneuverability, the CL-415 makes an ideal choice for multi-purpose missions on both land and sea.


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