In late 2016, Viking Air Limited acquired Bombardier’s Amphibious Aircraft program, which includes Type Certificates for CL-215 and CL-415 and after-market services. Building on the excellent reputation of these aircraft, Viking will provide timely, reliable information & support.

Worldwide this aircraft has been the benchmark amphibious aircraft for fire fighting missions, offering safe and reliable techniques.

History of the CL-215, CL-215T, CL-415 and Viking CL-415EAF

The original concept for the CL-215 was for a twin-engined floatplane transport, that was altered into a "firefighter" as a result of a request by forestry officials in the Quebec Government Air Service for a more effective way of delivering water to forest fires. The program was launched in 1966.

In 1986, the CL-215T was announced, with improvements in handling brought about by design changes to the wings and empennage, and more powerful Pratt & Whitney turboprop engines.

Based on the success of the CL-215, the company introduced the CL-415, a new-build production series beginning in 1991. The CL-415 has an updated cockpit, aerodynamics enhancements and changes to the water-release system as well, creating a modern firefighting amphibious flying boat for use in detecting and suppressing forest fires.

A multi-purpose version, the CL-415MP, was launched in 2000 to respond to growing needs in the maritime security market.

After its acquisition of the business in late 2016 and based on feedback from current and prospective operators, Viking elected to offer an Enhanced Aerial Firefighter (EAF) option, building on the CL-215T conversion program by offering additional operator requested enhancements. Viking has acquired a number of CL-215 aircraft for conversion to this new CL-415EAF standard.

Discover more about the individual aircraft and the upgrades made to the engine, fuel systems, hydraulic systems and electrical systems with each development to improve performance and effectiveness of the aircraft.

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