Originally the CL-215T was designed to be a simple turbine update for the piston powered CL-215. Initially Canadair converted two aircraft to turbine configuration in 1989 to act as development and technical demonstrator aircraft.

The first of these prototypes flew on June 8 that year, and retrofit kits for piston CL-215 aircraft to the new standard were offered. However, Canadair elected not to continue with the CL-215T kits as the internal business case favoured new production aircraft over the conversion program, and the new CL-415 was developed.

CL-215T vs CL-415

  • A CL-215T carries around a 300lb lower payload than the CL-415 and does not have an EFIS flight deck
  • The major visual difference is the CL-215T has a 2 door bomb bay while the CL-415 has a 4 door bomb bay (which is better, is debated continually by the world wide operator base)

After acquiring the CL-215, CL-215T and CL-415 Type Certificates in late 2016, and based on feedback from the operator group, Viking elected to introduce an “Enhanced Aerial Firefighter” (EAF), mirroring the CL-215T conversion program and updating with the addition of operator requested enhancements.  

To support this new CL-415EAF program, Longview Aviation Services (LAS) was established to acquire a fleet of CL-215 aircraft and implement the conversion program to the new Viking CL-415EAF standard.

CL-215T vs CL-415EAF

Both the CL-215T and CL-415EAF include the winglets, finlets, higher operating weights, increased capacity firebombing system, and foam injection system of the CL-415. In addition to these standards, other improvements introduced with the Viking CL-415EAF conversion upgrade include:

  • Full modern Avionics package,
  • Component modernization improvements to address all fleet obsolescence issues,
  • Corrosion protection enhancements based on operator feedback,
  • Flight deck air-conditioning system,
  • Customized external paint scheme, and
  • Humanitarian relief and special mission options (e.g. stretcher rack, large cargo door, spray boom system)

The improvements introduced in the LAS converted CL-415EAF aircraft would naturally lead to setting a new production standard for aerial firefighting aircraft.

For more information on the Viking CL-415EAF Conversion Program, please visit Longview Aviation Services website.

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