Building on the pedigree of the renowned Canadair CL-415, the Viking Canadair 515 First Responder is a new production multi-mission amphibian and purpose-built aerial firefighting aircraft.

The next generation CL-515 offers operators a 12 to 15 percent increase in efficiency corresponding with a decrease in maintenance and operating costs.

As a true multi-purpose platform, the 515 First Responder incorporates new technology and materials that expand the operating envelope. With a state-of-the-art avionics suite and the availability of a factory endorsed Full Motion Level D Flight Simulator, the Canadair 515 First Responder is the most technically advanced multi-mission aerial firefighting aircraft on the market.


The CL-515 offers exceptional aerial firefighting capabilities with flexible architecture that, in combination with the internal water tanks, can be equipped with options such as spray boom for insect control or oil spill dispersant, an enlarged cargo door for disaster relief support, and the ability to add a “QC” quick change sensor or medevac suite.

The Canadair 515 First Responder is the only aerial firefighter and multi-mission amphibious aircraft built and supported by an OEM. The aircraft comes complete with a full factory warranty combined with Viking’s renowned customer and product support services.

Viking Canadair 515 illustrationCanadair Aircraft Development

The multi-mission Canadair 515 First Responder addresses obsolescence issues associated with the older CL-415 airframe and systems while improving maintainability through its use of modernized materials and airframe systems enhancements. The 515 also features an evolution of the maintenance program, increased water tank capacity, and higher landing weights. 

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Flight Deck

Viking Canadair 515 Flight Deck

The new Collins Pro Line Fusion® avionics suite addresses current and future regulatory requirements and includes dual GPS, TCAS II, TAWS, ADS-B out, Synthetic Vision Technology, FMS and Flight Director, as well as numerous opportunities for expansion.



Firefighting Productivity

The Comparative Average Daily chart showing the Viking Canadair 515 Aerial Firefighting Capacity.

With an increased tank capacity of up to 7,000 Litres (1,850 USG) and the ability to refill in 14 seconds from water sources in close proximity, the Canadair 515 First Responder is capable of dropping enormous amounts of foam injected fire retardant on a continuous basis. Additionally, the aircraft is capable of operating in difficult weather conditions.

The Comparative Average Daily chart shows the Aerial Firefighting Capacity. The 515 First Responder drops an enormous volume of water, up to 690,000 Litres (182,279 USG) per day, resulting in the lowest overall cost per litre of any aerial firefighting aircraft.


Reference Materials

Viking is committed to providing world-class customer service and product support. Find the Canadair 515 First Responder specifications sheet in a variety of languages below. 

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For additional information about the Canadair 515 aircraft, please contact Viking. 

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