Viking water bomber putting out a fireThe Viking Aerial Firefighting aircraft are highly maneuverable at low speeds, and effectively pilotable in difficult-to-reach mountainous areas. It has the unique firefighting capability of dropping water on mountain sides while performing a tight run, making it a valuable tool for preventing fires from spreading upwards. This operation is virtually impossible with other standard air tankers and helicopters.

The agility of the CL-415, and CL-415EAF, as well as the ability to scoop 6,137 litres of water in twelve seconds, makes these the benchmark aircraft for firefighting missions and reducing loss due to forest fires.



Reduce Fire Loss

  • Dispatches in 6 minutes, fast response to forest fires
  • Delivers large quantities of water and fire suppressant foam - up to 125,000 litres per hour
  • Operates on fires for more than 4 continuous hours and relocates/refill to remote bases

See Firefighting Techniques

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