Operating Weight Empty13,608 kg30,000 lb
Maximum Fuel4,650 kg10,250 lb
Maximum Take-off Weight (Utility, Land)18,597 kg41,000 lb
Maximum Take-off Weight (Firefighting, Land)19,890 kg43,850 lb
Maximum Take-off Weight (Water)17,170 kg37,850 lb
Maximum Useful Load (Payload)2,903 kg6,400 lb
Maximum After-scooping Weight21,364 kg47,000 lb
Maximum Landing Weight16,783 kg37,000 lb
Stall Speed (MLW, Landing Configuration)126 km/hr68 Kts
Long Range Cruise Speed278 km/hr140 Kts
Normal Cruise Speed333 km/hr180 Kts
Max Cruise Speed359 km/hr194 Kts
Rate of Climb (ISA, MTOW)5.94 m/s1,170 f/min
Ferry Range2427 km1310 NM
Takeoff Distance (ISA, land)783 m2570 ft
Takeoff Distance (ISA, water)814 m2670 ft
Takeoff CrosswindNo limitation: 22 Ktsdemonstrated (90°)
Landing Distance (ISA, land)674 m2210 ft
Landing Distance (ISA, water)665 m2180 ft
Landing CrosswindNo limitation: 24.5 Ktsdemonstrated (90°)
Waterbombing Capacity6,137 l1,621 USG


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