CL-415 specifications diagram

Design Features

  • Robust and durable structure
  • All-metal conventional design using heavy-gauge, high-strength aluminum alloys
  • High maneuver load factors: +3.25 g to -1.0 g exceed FAR 25 requirement
  • Constant chord wing for high maneuverability at low speed, and low altitude
  • Designed and maintained to FAIL-SAFE philosophy: no life-limited structural components
  • Twelve separate watertight hull compartments
  • Cabin floor qualified for cargo loading for true multi-purpose applications
Wingspan28.6 m(93.11 ft.)
Length (including radome)20.4 m(67 ft.)
Height8.98 m(29.55 ft.)
Wing Area100.0 m2(1080 ft.2)
Cabin Volume35.6 m3(1257 pi3)

Additional Features

This aircraft is a highly maneuverable aircraft and provides security at low speed. This aircraft is already under Government service. In addition to its robust aircraft structure and exceptional visibility this aircraft also offers:

  • Interventions on water or on land
  • Opportunity for short takeoff and landings (STOL capabilities)
  • Powered flight controls
  • High power/weight ratio
  • Ability to use unprepared runways
  • Access to sites in remote locations
  • Maintenance simplicity


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