The PW100 is an advanced technology, fuel-efficient turboprop. Its 3-shaft free turbine layout with centrifugal compressors was chosen because of its quick response and fuel economy in low-level flying as well as superior resistance to ingestion of water or particles.

  • High power to weight ratio
  • Outstanding hot & high performance
  • Cumulative flight hours: > 80,000,000
  • Engine meets FAR 33-77 for water ingestion and  incorporates integral corrosion protection
  • PW100 series engines are also used on Dash-8 200, 300 & 400, ATR42, ATR72, Casa 295, EMB-120, Fokker 50 & 60, BAe ATP, Dornier 328 and IL-114-100
  • More than 4000 PW100 engines are in service in 104 countries
Power rating per engineESHPSHPkWFlat rated to
Take-off (5 min max)250223801775ISA+20ºC
Max. continuous226121501686ISA+30ºC

Engine Maintainability - PW123AF

  • Maintenance
    • Time Between Overhaul (TBO): 3000 hours
    • Hot Section Inspection (HSI): On condition
    • Engine trend monitoring available
    • Maintenance intervals based on engine condition monitoring and boroscope inspections
  • Engine meets FAR 33-77 for water ingestion
  • Integral corrosion protection
  • Gantry for engine removal on water or in isolated areas
  • Available built-in engine compressor & turbine wash facilities & external engine wash features


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