The PW100 is an advanced technology, fuel efficient turboprop. Its 3-shaft free turbine layout with centrifugal compressors was chosen because of its quick response and fuel economy in low level flying as well as superior resistance to ingestion of water or particles.

  • High power to weight ratio
  • Outstanding hot & high performance
  • Cumulative flight hours: > 80,000,000
  • Engine meets FAR 33-77 for water ingestion and  incorporates integral corrosion protection
  • PW100 series engines are also used on Dash-8 200, 300 & 400, ATR42, ATR72, Casa 295, EMB-120, Fokker 50 & 60, BAe ATP, Dornier 328 and IL-114-100
  • More than 4000 PW100 engines are in service in 104 countries
Power rating per engineESHPSHPkWFlat rated to
Take-off (5 min max)250223801775ISA+20ºC
Max. continuous226121501686ISA+30ºC

Engine Maintainability - PW123AF

  • Maintenance
    • Time Between Overhaul (TBO): 3000 hours
    • Hot Section Inspection (HSI): On condition
    • Engine trend monitoring available
    • Maintenance intervals based on engine condition monitoring and boroscope inspections
  • Engine meets FAR 33-77 for water ingestion
  • Integral corrosion protection
  • Gantry for engine removal on water or in isolated areas
  • Available built-in engine compressor & turbine wash facilities & external engine wash features


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