Mission Profile

Tactical Transport & Disaster Relief

  • Up to 2903 kg (6400 lb.) of cargo
  • Transfer various equipment, supplies, spare parts, on a ramp on the shore.

Aerial Dropping
The CL-415 and CL-415EAF can drop various items:

  • Supplies
  • Paratroops
  • Rescue equipment (such as stores or life rafts)

Aerial Spraying (Environmental Control)

  • Excellent dispersant characteristics 30-45 minutes required for spray kit installation
  • Spray nozzles under the wing and fuselage for all dispersants and insecticides
  • Air driven pumping system 6000 litres capacity in aircraft tanks
  • Wide range of flow rates and droplet sizes
  • The CL-415 can treat up to 46 hectares of oil spill at sea or 593 hectares of vegetation in one mission

Paratroop Transport

Between to 11-18 troops depending on aircraft configuration. With header tanks the CL-415 can include 12 troops; without header tanks the aircraft can accommodate 18 troops.

  • Designed for remote deployments
  • No requirement for local infrastructure
  • Low maintenance
  • Able to operate from un-surfaced runways
  • Withstands harsh environment
  • Rapid delivery of disaster response teams, equipment and medical supplies
  • Capability to operate in main rivers and smaller tributaries


For the fully loaded CL-415, the Aircraft Classification Number (ACN) is 12 (low). In the Load Classification Number (LCN) system this is equivalent to a value of 18.5.

The existing aft cargo door can be enlarged and modified to 1.47 m wide x 1.12 m high and made to slide in lieu of swinging open. Being flush to the cabin floor, the door opening will ease passage of cargo, paratroops, small boats and other equipment.

Cargo floor with tie downs

  • 3 400 kg max. payload (Cargo Configuration)
  • 35.6 m3 cabin volume



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